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Bopo Women

Watermelon Sugar Scrub

Watermelon Sugar Scrub

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Bopo is for women who are sick of being told how to look, and how to think. Their products will never claim to change, tweak or fix you. Rather, they’re meant to cocoon you, care for your skin and create space for you to reconnect with what matters most. 

The newest scrub from Bopo Women is here and in perfect time to give your winter skin some love! The Watermelon Sugar Scrub is packed full skin healing superfoods like watermelon oil, strawberry powder and azuki beans and are blended with a soothing natural exfoliant base to leave your body feeling deeply moisturised and smelling like a dream, long after you use it. After trying all the body scrubs out there the team at Bopo realised so many either didnt exfoliate their skin enough or were too intense leaving them scratchy or damaging their skin. So they created their own unique formula of sugar, Himalayan sea salt, Pacific sea salt, coconut meal, almond meal and pink clay to five you the perfect level of exfoliation and leave your skin glowy and hydrated!

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