Our Story

Hello! Good Day!

Great to meet you and welcome to Good Day Lifestyle Co.

Located in an historic music hall in the vibrant town of Mudgee, we’re a treasure trove of handpicked fashion and homewares.

Here at Good Day, our mission is simple: we want everyone to have a Good Day.

That’s why our shop is an inclusive collection of pieces chosen to promote individualism and bring a little brightness to your wardrobes and homes.

In store and online, you’ll find Australian brands, including plenty of smaller local makers, as we firmly believe the best of the best is in our own backyard.

Good Day Lifestyle Co., is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Emma and Jim. In 2020, the pair waved goodbye to city life to make Mudgee their home, and they haven’t looked back!

Prior to launching Good Day Lifestyle Co., Emma spent several years as a fashion designer in Australia and overseas. While her eye for style hasn’t quite rubbed off on Jim (you’ll mostly catch him in a flanny and work boots) he brings the heart and business mind to make Good Day a joyous celebration of great design, colour and fun!

Happy shopping.