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November Tango

"Jaffles Not Hassels" Microfibre Towel

"Jaffles Not Hassels" Microfibre Towel

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Think of this as your modern day ‘see ya round like a rissole’ dad joke, but with jaffles because they are WAY better than rissoles. It’s the Aussie version of a ‘hakuna matata’ affirmation that you’ll want to read before starting your day swamping into slack notifications and zoom calls.. ah the joys!

This is an extremely absorbent, super soft, quick-drying microfibre compact towel that holds the bright colours of the design brilliantly. It is the perfect size for all your drying needs - making seemingly mundane tasks WAY less boring.

This towel can be used as a tea towel, gym towel, ultra absorbing hair towel, for your pets or anything - the drying options are endless.

November Tango microfibre towels are printed in Melbourne with an entirely water-free print process in a solar-powered print room.

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm (bigger than a standard tea towel, smaller than a standard beach towel).

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