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Bush Journal

In Love, Out Bush

In Love, Out Bush

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Discover the powerful emotion of love in rural Australia with 'In Love, Out Bush,' a stunning cloth-bound photobook by acclaimed photographer Pip Williams. This 172-page treasure, measuring 175x220mm, captures the unique challenges and enduring bonds in the heart of Australia's rugged landscape.

Despite harsh climates, vast distances, and patchy internet, love thrives in the outback. From young and old couples to mothers and children, and men and the land they cherish, Pip Williams beautifully documents these connections through portraits and interviews with over 100 rural and regional Australians. Each image and story offers an intimate glimpse into their lives and what they hold dear.

Writer Phoebe Hartley complements Pip’s visuals with incisive quotations from her interviews, revealing bonds built on trust, practicality, and shared goals, while also hinting at the challenges they face.

About the Author: Pip Williams, a family photographer from Toowoomba, Queensland, masterfully captures the intangible connections between people and the landscape. Phoebe Hartley, a writer, journalist, and audio producer from Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, is a regular contributor to Bush Journal magazine and writes for the ABC and various online arts and culture publications.

Dive into 'In Love, Out Bush' and experience the heartwarming stories of love and resilience in rural Australia.

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