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Downtown Magazine

Downtown Magazine Special Edition Issue 34

Downtown Magazine Special Edition Issue 34

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We are thrilled to be featured in this incredible special addition of Downtown Magazine. Having Good Day featured alongside businesses that we look to as huge sources of inspiration is truly a dream come true. The 34th issue of Downtown Magazine is an incredible compilation of inspiring businesses from our own backyard and further afield. Buy one today to read about some knock out chicks doing amazing things! 

"Sitting at a prodigious 290 pages, this very special edition, we celebrate a community of women who own independent businesses, manage teams, support teams or women who are part of a team. Sharing their stories (not the shiny PR version), exploring the ups and downs in business, where they started, some of their tips and tricks for survival and chatting about that famous juggling act every woman who works performs.

We’re introducing the women behind the businesses. After all, a regional business (independent or not) usually reflects the people working there or running it. In a regional town, this is one of the biggest reasons people buy your products or use your services. This edition celebrates everything that it is to be a regional woman in business."

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